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7 Breathtaking DIY Fairy Garden Ideas for Outdoor

Large or small, intricate or simple, building a DIY fairy garden is fun and brings fanciful amusement to your landscape. Indeed, you will love it.

Do you remember Walt Disney? Through his art, fairies gained popularity, and now the intriguing influence creates a sense of childlike magic. After all, what beats the magic of a DIY fairy garden? Besides making you satisfied, the DIY fairy garden is a decoration and amusing accessory to your home design. With this said, why don’t you create a miniature fairy on your own?

Are you confused about what to display in your miniature fairy garden? Vast online stores have your covered. You can purchase most of the fun elements from Amazon or Etsy.

Here are some exciting ideas to make your DIY outdoor garden fairer.

1. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Don’t throw away broken flower pots; they can bring magic to your life. If your clay pot splits into pieces, use the parts to make an amazing multi-level tiny fairy garden and help your guests reach you at the top.

To make it excellent, make your fairy garden complete with slow-growing plants and pebbles along the sides and fairy abode at the top. Fairies will enjoy reaching your imaginary home at the top and looking down at the charming creation.

2. Raised Bed Fairy Garden

Raised Bed Garden

This is it; a garden within your garden. There is that particular raised bed that doesn’t get enough sunlight; use your raised garden bed to create a delighting prototype for your outdoor space. A raised bed DIY fairy garden can be an excellent choice to include all captivating fun elements you want to display your miniature garden.

Make sure to include all your enchanting herbs at their best positions. Don’t forget a big tree to hide during the scorching summer. Get mini trees, a porcelain mushroom, succulent plants, and more to make your garden the best place for fairies to visit.

3. Campsite fairy garden

Campsite Garden

Don’t you think fairies need to camp too? This is one of the attractive fairy gardens to decorate your outdoor backyard. If you have a considerable amount of space, make sure to include a picnic table and a portable swing for the youngsters.

A flying signboard will be good to tell the fairies where to enter. Don’t forget to make the environment enchanting with succulent plants.

4. Planter fairy garden

Planter Garden Ideas

You like multi-level things, right? You don’t have to break your pot to make a delightful DIY miniature fairy garden. Grab your three flower pots. I will show you how. Arrange your three planters, preferably different sizes, two inches from each other. Using walkways made from some stick bound with a thin wire, connect the pots.

Make sure to have your fairy home at the tallest pot and plant easy to maintain natural succulents in each planter. This is what you love most, your magical fairy garden. Let the fairies enjoy climbing each step to your imaginary abode.

5. Tea Party Garden

Garden Ideas for Kids

A perfect garden to go in your outdoor space and rejuvenate you as you take tea from your backyard shades. Get a sizable mug that can host more than one of your funniest elements like natural succulents and porcelain mushrooms.

After setting up your kettle and teacup, let your imagination run wild and get the right plants to keep your backyard cool. Make sure to plant slow-growing plants. In the end, you will find nothing exquisitely charming, like your DIY outdoor fairy garden.

6. Twinkling Garden

Think of a vegetable garden with plenty of captivating LED lights. This is all you need to make your outdoor space beautiful, and most interesting is that it will keep your backyard bright and beautiful throughout. As each season approaches, make the garden appealing to blend with times. During the Christmas, add striking red poinsettias to honor Santa Claus and keep it original during the summer and spring.

7. Summer Escape Garden

Summer is the time to grill and share memories with family. This relaxing miniature garden is easy to make. All you need is to get a tiny grill, a park bench, one sizable plant, other mini plants, and leave the rest to the imagination. Make your backyard a center of memories.


Making your outdoor space beautiful is one of the simplest things. Any idea you have is worth it. Use these ideas to make your home appealing and give fairies a place to visit.

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