8 Everyday Activities That Can Damage Your Spine

The spine is one of the most crucial parts of your body. If your spine of not in great shape, you will have difficulties standing up or keeping yourself upright. The spine gives your body the much-needed support and structure. It allows you to move freely and bend with flexibility. Therefore, it is very crucial to take good care of your spine. In this post, we will discuss everyday activities that can damage your spine.

1. Brushing your teeth

Brushing teeth

Most people damage their spine when brushing their teeth. The pressure on the spine is usually much high while standing than while walking. If your work involves standing for a long period, you should find a way to strike a balance to help protect your spine. While brushing your teeth, avoid bending so much on the sink. Instead, brush while standing upright.

2. Washing dishes

Washing dishes

Most people usually stand in a bent position while washing dishes in the kitchen. This is dangerous because it causes the intervertebral discs of the thoracic section to wear out quickly, causing pain between the shoulder blades. To help lower pressure on the spine while washing dishes, place a stool or chair under one knee.

3. Changing the car wheel

A flat tire is a problem that every motorist will face at some point. Unfortunately, most motorists usually damage their spine while changing the car tire. To avoid damaging your spine, dent bend over to the tire. Instead, sit on the ground and ensure that your car fender and your eyes are on the same level while changing the tire.

4. Carrying shopping bags

Shopping bags usually put a lot of press on the spine, especially if their weight is not evenly distributed. To avoid damaging your spine while carrying shopping bags, first ensure that it is not too heavy. Also, ensure that your weight is distributed evenly. While lifting the bags from the ground, don’t bend your back. Instead, bend your knees then lift them.

5. Washing the floor

We usually pile a lot of pressure on back and legs every time we wash the floor while bending. This can result in spine damage. To avoid, don’t wash the floor with your hands. Instead, use a brush or mop and wipe the floor while standing upright.

6. Lacing up your shoes

Every second you stay in bent position damages your intervertebral discs. When you subject your spine under constant pressure, crucial nutritional substances present are usually drowned out of the spine, leaving it flat. This can cause sharp pain in your spine. A fresh supply of nutritional substances are only replenished when your body feels comfortable (mostly while sleeping). Therefore, it is vital to avoid bending too much while performing our daily chores. To avoid damaging your spine while lacing your shoes, sit down, and place something that will pull your leg up. Please don’t bend your back, instead, lift your leg then lace the shoe.

7. Carrying a backpack

Most of us like carrying a backpack while going for hiking, picnics, a weekend gateway, and much more. Regardless of the reason for carrying a backpack, what matters is how you carry it. Most people usually damage their spine while carrying a backpack. Stuffing too much load on your backpack and carrying it incorrectly can harm your spine. To avoid damaging your spine while carrying a backpack, ensure that you use both straps for even weight attribution. Also, consider buying a backpack with soft and wide straps because they lower pressure on your neck and spine and also absorbs shock better.

8. Picking heavy objects from above

When picking something from above, the spine also stretches, thus piling a lot of pressure on our spinal discs. If you don’t pick an object while standing in the right posture your spinal discs may be severely damaged. To avoid this, always use a chair or stool to elevate yourself while picking something from above. This will help distribute weight, thus reducing pressure on your spinal discs.

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