7 Best Low Carb & Keto Chicken Recipes

Chicken is an amazing source of protein for most people. Besides, it is a remarkably delicious choice for a low-carb lifestyle and keto diet. Many people love it because of its versatility, exquisite taste, and, most importantly, being lean.

Low carb can be exceptionally flavorsome, and your family or guests do not even need to know they are eating low carb. Indeed, it hurts to hear moms preparing a dinner that is not low carb for their family. Why can’t you choose chicken, which makes an excellent ketogenic meal?

Now you have bought your whole chicken ready to cook. Which is the best low-carb recipe? Chicken is a perfect way to lean to keto, especially the chicken breast without skin, which is the leanest. If the breast is expensive for you, you can opt for things; they are affordable and tasty.

In this article, you will find various low-carb and keto chicken recipes to fulfill your cravings. Make your weeknight meals awesome with the most delicious protein.

1. Oven-baked Paprika Chicken with Rutabaga

This oven-baked chicken comes out exceptionally juicy, crispy and delicious. It is something that every family member will enjoy seeing at their dinner tables. For a fantastic flavor and coloration, make sure to give your dish a good kick with paprika.

Baked paprika chicken is amazingly tender. So versatile. Make a weeknight dish of succulent chicken lying comfortably against rutabaga chunks with the attractive paprika. Rutabaga is colorful and has moderate carbs to complement your low carb lifestyle. Oven-baked chicken with rutabaga is incredibly easy to whip up.

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2. Keto Buffalo drumsticks with chili aioli

I’m sure you will be obsessed with this fulfilling, sweet, spicy, creamy, and crunchy buffalo chicken. Either you make it a snack, appetizer, or the mains course, keto buffalo chicken promises to be perfectly succulent and delicious.

If you are looking to stay healthy, make sure to add garlic – it is tasty as it is healthy. The creamy, spicy filling contrasts with flavorsome crunchy pepper. Anytime you have family plus friends, prepare them keto buffalo chicken and let them enjoy the tender meal without realizing they are on low carb.

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3. Keto Pesto chicken with feta cheese and olives

Are you feeding a crowd? Moms, this is the way to keep your large family full while suppressing carbohydrates in their diet. It is one of the creamy chicken dishes that you can easily prepare for family and friends, and they will surely fall in love with it.

Try it with a home-made low carb pesto or buy from your nearest grocery.

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4. Keto pickle brine chicken wings

Looking for something that is seriously juicy, crispy, and delicious, keto pickle brine chicken wings are probably what you crave. These mouthwatering layers of flavors promise to excite all your senses. It is extraordinarily easy to prepare, family-friendly, and extremely delicious for your weeknight dishes.

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5. Hasselback Chicken Fajitas

You thought Hasselback is only done on potatoes, sorry. This fajita-seasoned Hasselback chicken is an excellent weeknight dinner for your family. To make tastier, stuff it with onions and pepper.

This quick and easy to prepare low carb dish will leave you licking fingers. With fajita and queso, you are ready to go.

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6. Zoodle chicken soup

If you don’t feel like cooking but want something to support your low carb lifestyle, this healthy keto chicken no-noodle soup is all you need. It is a perfect choice if you crave hearty, warm, and comforting soup, especially during winter.

Made from a healing bone broth, this soup makes a nice lunch and bringing it to your dinner won’t do any harm. The soup is full of tender vegetables and lean protein that will fulfill all cravings you have.

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7. Keto Chicken salad

This is it. A true classic keto salad for your dinner. This is when chicken leftovers become useful in making one of your favorite lunch dishes. It is extremely tasty. Load your recipe with plenty of goodies to make layers of flavor and textures.

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Is chicken your favorite meat? Low carb chicken recipes allow you to feel adventurous by trying different ketogenic meals. If you like the low carb lifestyle, use the above recipes to stay healthy while elevating your goals.

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