6 Symptoms of a Heart Attack That Occur Only in Women

In the contemporary world, heart attacks are one of the significant causes of premature deaths. It is so unfortunate that this deadly disease continues to attack many people. However, before the heart attack persists to become chronic, we usually experience some symptoms that we should never ignore.

According to Cleveland Clinic, symptoms of an imminent heart attack differ significantly between men and women. In this article, we will discuss the different ways in which heart attack symptoms manifest themselves in women. Here are some signs that every woman shouldn’t ignore if they want to keep the disease afar.

1. Pain in the back, neck, jaw, arms

Pain in the back, neck, jaw, arms

Since heart attack is primarily linked with chest pain or left arm pain, these signs can be somewhat confusing. Impending heart attacks can cause pain in the neck and jaw as well, where the pain can be sudden, acute, nagging, or progressive. At times it can be severe and disrupt you from sleep in the middle of the night. Whenever you experience unusual symptoms, it is advisable to consult your doctors immediately.

2. Sharp stomach pain or sickness

Sharp stomach pain

It is relatively easy to confuse signs of poisoning, flu, or severe heartburn with those of heart attack. If you happen to experience extreme unusual pressure in the abdominal region, do not hesitate to immediately see your doctor. The pressure can be very serious.

3. Cold sweat

Cold sweat

Another common symptom of a heart attack in women is a cold sweat. Cold sweat is something totally uncommon and can, at times, be associated with stress. If you happen to notice such unusual symptoms and you have never experienced them before, you should visit a specialist immediately.

4. Shortness of breath and dizziness

Shortness of breath

It is indisputable that breathing issues are a significant companion of heart attacks. This is apparent when shortness of breath comes alongside any other heart attack symptom. As women who have already survived it say, it feels as if you were running a marathon, and at times you may not even move.

5. Increased fatigue

Increased fatigue

Do you feel too exhausted after taking a long rest? If yes, then the chances are that there is a coming heart attack. At times you are unable to perform very simple tasks like going to the bathroom. Increased fatigue should be taken very seriously, and if noticed, you should consult very quickly with a specialist about your cardiovascular system.

6. Pressure and pain in the chest

Pressure and pain in the chest

Regardless of your sex, you are likely to experience chest pain, discomfort, burning, and pressure in the chest if you have an impending heart attack. In some women, the pain is not concentrated on the left; rather, it is felt in the whole area. If the pressure and pain in the chest persists, inform your doctor immediately.

Note: These signs are not an assurance that you are likely to get a heart attack. However, if they combine or the same symptoms occur more often, it is good to consult a doctor. Timely medical care can save lives. Be careful.

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